‘Sábado Gigante’ was on the Air for 53 Years, Why Did it End in 2015?

Forbes magazine and Time magazine teamed up to create a mini-doc about the longest running TV show in history: Sábado Gigante. They interviewed several key contributors to the show, including former co-host Lily Estefan, cast member “La Cuatro,” and Don Francisco himself, Mario Kreutzberger…everyone had something to say.

In it, Don Francisco talks about what made the show so popular in the United States.

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“We put on camera a group of people who never were on camera. That was the Hispanic audience.”

La Cuatro talked about the differences between Mario Kreutzberger and his alter ego, Don Francisco.

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“The difference between Don Francisco and Mario Kreutzberger? Huge. Don Francisco would come out to act and it was like he was much taller… it’s like he’s another person.”

Kreutzberger agreed: “At the beginning [Don Francisco and I] were the same person. But after a while, there is a separation. A television host doesn’t sweat, doesn’t have problems with his wife, doesn’t have to pay bills. He’s always happy and ready to entertain.”

Former co-host Lily Estefan said there were moments where she had to push back on the objectification of women.

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Estefan reveals that she refused to be part of the popular “La Colita” dance, where women in skimpy outfits would turn around and shake their backsides for viewers at home.

Sábado Gigante is Ending and We’re Worried for Our Moms

Despite the criticism, Don Francisco defended the “La Colita” dance.

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“We are proud of the beauty of our women. Why hide that?”

A Univision executive revealed how Sábado Gigante was able to stay on TV for decades.

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Yep, it was those in-show ads for products like Ritz and Puppy Chow.

And Don Francisco, who admitted his age was catching up to him, also revealed that the advertisements were drying up.

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“We had sponsors in line for 25 years… no more in line… television has changed.”

Watch the full mini-doc here.

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