Don Francisco Just Made Epic Comeback In ‘Carpool Karoke’-Style Interview With Rafael Amaya

YouTube / "Don Francisco te Invita" / Telemundo

Mom’s thought the world was going to end when “Sábado Gigante” went off the air last year after a 53-year run, but Don Francisco couldn’t stay away from the small screen. In other words, he’s back, y’all!

Tell your mom, abuelita and your tías. This is HUGE!

credit: NBC via Giphy

The Chilean TV host has announced his return to television with a new show called “Don Francisco Te Invita,” set to premiere October 9 on Telemundo. The variety show will have a mix of everything, including musical guests and celebrity interviews. You know, nothing out of the ordinary.

Or so we thought!

Turns out that the 75-year-old star took some tips from James Corden’s successful “Carpool Karaoke” and is in fact, riding around town with Latino celebs.

His first guest: Rafael Amaya. ***swoons***

Rafael Amaya, Don Francisco
credit: Telemundo via Giphy

In a three-minute clip, the two men talk about Don Francisco’s upcoming show and sing-a-long to Juan Gabriel’s “Querida.” You’d think they know all the lyrics, but nope. Either way, this karaoke sesh is hilarious.

Check out the video below:

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