Disney’s ‘Elena Of Avalor’ Is Coming Back For A Second Season

Disney’s first Latina princess, “Elena of Avalor” made her royal debut last month in July and is already gaining a few faithful followers. So much so that Disney has decided to renew her series for a second season.

“It’s just a few weeks into the launch of ‘Elena of Avalor’ and we are already seeing what an impact and connection she is making with kids and families,” said Nancy Kanter, executive vice president and general manager of Disney Junior Worldwide.

Are we surprised?

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Meh, not really.

We’ve been waiting forever for Disney to create a Disney Princess that looks like us, but when news broke last year that a Latina Princess was getting her own series and not animated feature, we had some mixed emotions. While we’re happy to get some representation in the Disney Princess kingdom, we couldn’t help but wonder why Elena got a series and not a movie.

Now that Elena has been released, her popularity is soaring. Last week, Disney World threw her a much-deserved grand ceremony to induct her into the Magic Kingdom. Her viewership also ranks as “this year’s no. 1 telecast among all kid-targeted TV networks” according to Variety reaching over 24 million viewers. Disney Consumer Products is also set to release a full line of Elena merchandise that includes e-books, dolls, accessories, home decor and apparel just to name a few.


Sooooooo… Is it time Elena receive her own animated feature?

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There’s nothing else she needs to prove — people love her. Disney, if you’re reading this, we applaud you for the second season and look forward to the announcement of the animated feature.

“Elena of Avalor” is currently playing on Disney Junior Worldwide.

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