Disney Just Hired a Chicano Cartoonist Who Criticized Them for Years

Remember Disney’s Dia de los Muertos movie? It’s called Coco and it’s scheduled for release in 2017.

Credit: Disney

In 2013, Disney sparked controversy when they attempted to trademark the phrase “Dia de los Muertos.”

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Once Latinos found out, a social media movement to stop Disney was kicked off.

A Change.org online petition received more than 20,000 signatures. “Our spiritual traditions are for everyone, not for companies like Walt Disney to trademark and exploit,” read a statement by the creator of the petition.

They were successful. Disney eventually pulled its trademark request.

Credit: Pocho.com

¡Si se pudo!

One of Disney’s most vocal critics was political cartoonist Lalo Alcaraz.

He published this cartoon in response to Disney’s trademark request:

Credit: laloalcaraz.com

It’s wasn’t the first time Alacaraz was critical of Disney:

Credit: laloalcaraz.com

Alacaraz’s “Migra Mouse” cartoon was created in 1994 to call out Disney for supporting Pete Wilson, who was Governor of California at the time. In the ’90s, Wilson backed Proposition 187, a ballot measure that, if approved by voters, would deny services to undocumented immigrants. The ballot measured passed but was eventually ruled unconstitutional.

Earlier this week, Alcaraz had a surprise for fans:

Most people were congratulatory:

A few, however, felt he was participating in the exploitation of Mexican culture.

Alcaraz wasn’t surprised.

And said he understands why some people are apprehensive about his hire…

Alcaraz, who is also working on the animated series Bordertown, says companies like Disney need to hire more “brown folk.”

Alcaraz is pretty much saying, “If not someone like me, then who?”

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