A Surprising Cause of Depression Amongst Latino Teens

Discrimination against young Latinos in recent years is leading them into depression, and, in turn, making them less social, less kind towards others and causing them to dive deeper into their depression.

This cycle was recently discovered by researchers at the University of Missouri who gave 305 Latino youth, ages 13 to 17, three questionnaires in the span of a year. They asked about their mental health, their discrimination experiences and whether they volunteered or helped others.

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The youth that had experienced some kind of discrimination had negative feelings about themselves, their surroundings and were not helping others.

“It concerns us that discrimination experiences can lead to depressive symptoms and subsequently mitigate being kind to others, helping others, and cooperating with others,” said Gustavo Carlo, co-author of the study and Professor of Diversity and Multicultural Studies at UM. “Ultimately, this is a mechanism whereby we, as a society, can become isolated, segregated, and groups may become more marginalized.”

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