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Discarded Items at U.S. / Mexico Border are Not What They Seem

Credit: Tom Keifer / CNN

You don’t usually find rosaries, bibles, wallets and pictures of loved ones discarded in the trash. But that’s exactly what Tom Keifer found while he worked as a janitor in the U.S. Customs and Border Patrol facility in Ajo, Arizona. Why did all these items end up here? It’s the place where people who tried to enter the United States illegally started the stages of processing. “I am certain much of this was not meant to be discarded,” Keifer told CNN.

As part of his new Sueño Americano Project, Keifer presents these objects as collections in pictures to represent the more heartbreaking side of searching for safety and freedom. “These are pictures of how people and their personal belongings are treated,” he says. “If someone wants to judge the ethics and morality of all this, it is up to them to decide what is right and what is wrong.”

See just what is being left behind here.

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From Funerals to Hospital Visits, 11 Times Latinos Overshared Via Selfies


From Funerals to Hospital Visits, 11 Times Latinos Overshared Via Selfies


“But first, let me take a selfie” might as well be the Latino motto. Sure, many call for a photo to capture a sweet memory, but here are 11 times Latinos could’ve done without a selfie…

1. Nobody needs to know when you poop.

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A post shared by Andrew Noto (@ninjalanternshark) on

No one cares dude. No one.

2. Nothing says closure like one last selfie with the dead guy.

Can’t we just grieve for the deceased instead of making it a spectacle? Where are you even going to put this photo anyway? And why are you cheesing it? So many questions.

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3. Your selfie is not worth my life, got it?

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On my way.

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How many times have we almost seen someone crash because they were taking selfies? Perfect lighting isn’t worth it.

4. Why would you take a selfie with abuelita when she’s in the hospital?

I know that everything is a family affair for us, but c’mon.

5. WWJD? Not take a selfie while someone is trying to preach.

Do as He would do.

6. No one wants to see you post-sex.

Congrats? And does masturbating count as #aftersexselfie?

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7. Do you not have any other pictures with your dog?

Let him rest in peace, porfa.

8. You’re supposed to record the birth, not delay it for a pose.

Why would you put yourself through this?

9. Gyms are for working out…not for taking selfies.

I mean, do you even lift, bro? Or do you spend the whole time getting just the right angle to prove you made it to the gym?

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10. Do natural disasters really provide a good backdrop?

There is no need for this next level selfie ridiculousness.

11. Again, in case you didn’t get it, no one wants to see you poop.

Especially if your girlfriend is just casually hanging out in the bathroom with you like nothing’s wrong. Run, girl!

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