A Cartoonist Broke Down the Difference Between ‘Latino’ and ‘Hispanic’ in Such a Simple Way

Do you ever get stuck when trying to explaining the difference between the terms “Hispanic” and “Latino”?


It can be hard, right?


Writer-cartoonist Terry Blas feels your pain. So he created a mini-comic that breaks it all down.

Credit: Terry Blas / VOX

Thanks, Terry!


But wait – there’s a lot more to Blas’s comic, including experiencing stereotyping and growing up with an American dad and Mexican mother.

Read the full mini-comic on Vox

This Nightclub in Juarez became an EDM Hot Spot in the Middle of a Drug Cartel War


This Nightclub in Juarez became an EDM Hot Spot in the Middle of a Drug Cartel War

There’s a little nightclub in Ciudad Juarez that’s become one of the hottest electronic music spots in the world. It’s called HardPop.

It’s in a shopping mall next to a freeway. When big-name electronic acts tour Mexico, they make sure to hit HardPop, not clubs in Mexico City.

Somehow, it survived and earned its fame during the height of drug cartel violence in Juarez.

In 2010, Juarez became so violent that HardPop’s owners closed the club for a while.

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People have packed the 500-person-capacity club to dance to DJs such as Nina Kraviz, Tiesto and Sasha.

The club became a sanctuary of sorts, a place for young people in Juarez to dance their worries away. Now that drug cartel violence in Juarez has subsided, HardPop remains a go-to spot in town.

How did such a small club become such a big deal? NPR’s Latino USA headed out to Juarez to investigate.

 Listen to the podcast:

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