Did This Mexican Soccer Team Curse Odell Beckham Jr?

This past weekend, the New York Giants lost 13-38 against the Green Bay Packers in an NFC Wild Card game. The Giants kept things close in the first half but eventually succumbed to the Packers and their daring quarterback, Aaron Rodgers.

Many fans were counting on Odell Beckham Jr., the Giants’ superstar receiver, to come through in the clutch. Unfortunately for them, the 24-year-old wideout — considered one of the best in the league — had a bad game.

Credit: Fox / NFL
CREDIT: Credit: Fox / NFL

Beckham, one of the more sure-handed receivers in the league, uncharacteristically dropped a career-high three passes.

What happened to Beckham? Lots of people are blaming his poor performance on this photo:

A week prior to their game with the Packers, Beckham and several teammates flew to Miami to party it up. Beckham and his pals were celebrating a win over their rivals, the Washington Redskins, when the now-infamous boat photo surfaced. Before the game, Beckham was criticized for partying instead of focusing on the playoff game versus Green Bay.

After the loss, criticism of Beckham mounted. Fair or unfair? Before you answer that, consider this…

… maybe something else “cursed” Beckham and the Giants. A few days before the game, Beckham was photographed wearing this lucha libre mask.

It’s not just any lucha mask. The red, white and blue Rey Mysterio Jr. mask was decorated with the logo of Cruz Azul, a Mexican soccer team.

Credit: Pearl G. Walter / YouTube
CREDIT: Credit: Pearl G. Walter / YouTube

Unfortunately for Beckham, no one told him Cruz Azul is “bad luck.” Cruz Azul haven’t won a championship in 20 years and are notorious for choking away their chances at glory.


Their reputation as chokers was cemented in 2013, when Cruz Azul played rival club América in the Liga MX Clausura final. With less than five minutes left in the second leg of the final, Cruz Azul had a two-goal advantage. Then this happened:

Credit: Univision
CREDIT: Credit: Univision

Defender Aquivaldo Mosquera headed in a goal to cut Cruz Azul’s lead by one.

With just a few seconds left in the match, América made a desperation move to try to score again. They called on goalkeeper Moises Muñoz to join the attack. In what was likely the last play of the match, Muñoz miraculously headed in a corner kick to tie the match.

Credit: Univision
CREDIT: Credit: Univision

América went on to defeat Cruz Azul in penalties. Not only did it result in a championship for América, it led to this iconic GIF of then-América coach Miguel Herrera:

Credit: Univision
CREDIT: Credit: Univision

Since then, the term “Cruzazulear” has become synonymous with choking away a victory.

Credit: futbolbullying / Twitter
CREDIT: Credit: futbolbullying / Twitter

If only someone had warned Odell Beckham Jr.


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Here’s What The Leo Messi Statue Looks Like After Being Cut In Half By Vandals


Back in June of 2016, Argentina unveiled a bronze statue of its current soccer megastar, Lionel Messi. The statue was meant honor Messi’s athleticism and contributions to the game of fútbol. It was meant to to stand the test of time, just like Messi’s legacy. Unfortunately, vandals had other plans for the statue.

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Even cut in half, the statue was still standing.

This proves that even in statue form, Leo Messi never dives.

CREDIT: CuleDelBarca’s channel / YOutube

This isn’t the first time a statue honoring an Argentine athlete has been vandalized. In 2014, tennis player Gabriela Sabatini’s statue had her tennis racket stolen.

Here’s a closer look.

Both statues are part of Buenos Aires famous Paseo de la Gloria, a walkway which features many statues honoring Argentine sports legends.


Along with Sabatini and Messi, the street features legends like Diego Maradona (soccer), Pascual Pérez (boxing), Emanuel “Manu” Ginobili (basketball), and many others.

Fans looking to get a photo with the bottom half of Messi will have to wait. Argentina’s government has already taken the statue away for repairs.

Just like Messi, this statue isn’t ready for retirement.

But it could have been worse — the entire world could have turned on him just because he was trying to do his job!

CREDIT: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice / Warner Bros. Pictures


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