White People Discovering Mangoes on a Stick Inspires La Quirky Nancy


The Other On-a-Stick Food

This summer Katie Quinn (aka Katie Q.) made headlines when she published her infamous video about discovering the “quirky cool” combination of mangoes, salt, lemon juice and hot sauce. Pobrecita. The Internet did not let her live it down.

Amongst the backlash emerged the new, inspired and hilarious video series, La Quirky Nancy. In Nancy’s first adventure, she heads out to East L.A. and discovers the Mexican street delicacy she dubs a ” flower mango.” But things don’t smoothly.  Watch the video above to see La Quirky Nancy fumble her way through ordering, trying to pay with a credit card and barely overcoming the language barrier. At least she got worthy pics out of it.

The #MangoFlower #Columbusing Snaps

#OMG today I discovered mango flowers with hot sauce! #EastLA

A photo posted by @laquirkynancy on

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