Demi Lovato Slayed This Adele Song During Her Concert

OMG! She slayed! ??

Demi Lovato fans in Cleveland got a surprise during the latest stop of her Future Now tour with Nick Jonas. During her set, Lovato took a moment to sing one of her favorite songs, Adele’s “When We Were Young.” The crowd LOVED it. During her performance, you can hear the audience lifting their voices to sing with Lovato as she belted out the lyrics. But she did more than just sing this Adele hit — she totally nailed her cover.

Lovato’s star is so big that ~sometimes~ it’s easy to overlook that the girl can sing. This isn’t the first time that Lovato totally slayed an Adele concert during a concert. Last year she covered “Hello,” and it was everything. So when are these two singing goddesses going to come together for a duet?

Damn, Demi.

Credit: Comedy Central / Broad City / collegepsychexperiment / Tumblr

That’s how you do a cover.

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