Demi Lovato Proves She Actually CAN Sing

Demi, Demi, Demi. Feels like every time we turn around Miss Lovato is doing her thang these days — and boy is she doin’ it right! From the American Music Awards performance, which was touted as one of Rolling Stone’s “best” moments, to her SNL appearance, we’ve been all ears. Here’s a look at her top appearances from the last month which are getting all the praise ?.

In mid-October she appeared on SNL performing her emotionally-charged ‘Stone Cold’…

Credit: DemiLovatoVEVO / YouTube

And we be like, “WHOA!” Didn’t know she had it in her!

Credit: Get Him to the Greek / Tumblr

Most recently, Lovato popped up at Seattle’s Fall Ball where she covered Adele’s ‘Hello’.

Credit: Riley Baltazar / YouTube

¡Qué emoción!

Credit: Glee / Fox

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Earlier this month, she also appeared during game 4 of the World Series to sing the national anthem.

Credit: MLB / YouTube

Seriously Demi, why have you been hiding this set of lungs for so long?!

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