Demi Lovato Proved Why She Is GRAMMY Nominated Thanks To This Christmas Classic

She leaves no questions as to why she is officially GRAMMY nominated.

Demi Lovato gave Lovatics a sweet taste of a Christmas classic “Silent Night” as part of her Honda Civic Tour Holiday Special. The Texas native, accompanied with just a piano, belted out the holiday song and gave it new life. The video, which once again showcases Lovato’s singing chops, left many people floored. Lovato, who tweeted that she wanted to share her favorite holiday song with the world, slayed, I mean sleighed, this song.

Fans are so enthralled with her song, that they are asking for a Christmas album.

Just picture it. ? ?

Or, at the very least, they want this song available for purchase.

Makes sense.

But, more importantly, fans are using this song as proof that Lovato deserves her GRAMMY nomination.

Those pipes, though.

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