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Here’s How Demi Lovato Is Paying It Forward After Changing Her Life


Demi Lovato has long been outspoken about what it’s like living with addiction, bulimia and bipolar disorder, particularly in the wake of her time in rehab. Now the singer/actress is doing even more to give others the resources to become healthy by becoming a co-owner of CAST Centers, the same group of rehabilitation centers she turned to for help.

Demi told CBS’s “Sunday Morning” correspondent Tracy Smith that, even though she wasn’t exactly the most receptive patient to ever walk through the facility’s doors (“Yeah, I was a nightmare,” she said.), she ultimately benefitted from the experience and now wants to now do her part to help others find that same peace:

“It sounds ridiculous but, like, I kind of made a pact with God. And I don’t even think you’re supposed to do that, but I was, like, I promised, ‘If you make me a singer one day, I’m going to use my voice for so much more than singing, and I’m going to help people with it.”

CAST Centers has also previously teamed up with Demi on her Future Now tour with Nick Jonas, offering guest speakers and a forum to discuss mental health at various tour stops.

You can watch the full CBS interview with Demi right over here.

Keep being awesome, Demi.

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America Ferrera Admits Being 'Numbed' By The Story Of This Former Undocumented Goldman Sachs Exec

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America Ferrera Admits Being ‘Numbed’ By The Story Of This Former Undocumented Goldman Sachs Exec


Social justice advocate, former Goldman Sachs executive, motivational speaker and now published author, 33-year-old Julissa Arce is taking the world by storm. But we already knew that.

You may have heard about her brave and inspirational story of selling funnel cakes as a kid, a high school National Honor Society member who then graduated from the University of Texas at Austin, moved to New York City to work at Goldman Sachs as an executive, all as an undocumented person.

Julissa, who is now an American citizen, “came out” with her story in 2015 and has been nonstop since, advocating for undocumented immigrants all over the country. Today, she lives in Los Angeles and is the co-founder of Ascend Educational Fund, a college scholarship and mentorship program for immigrant students in New York City and is the director of public affairs at Define American, a nonprofit media and culture organization creating discussion around the topic of American citizenship.

It’s been quite a year for Julissa, whose memoir, “My (Underground) American Dream: My True Story as an Undocumented Immigrant Who Became a Wall Street Executive,” comes out today.


In her book, Julissa goes into detail about what the true cost of the American dream is for an undocumented immigrant.

According to Julissa, the book will “challenge our perceptions of what it means to be an undocumented immigrant and seeks to add a new perspective that will echo the stories of millions living here without a voice.”

Fellow immigration activist America Ferrera admitted Julissa’s journey “numbed” her body, “broke my heart and then made it jump for joy.”

While promoting her new book, Julissa will be partnering with Voto Latino to register voters during Hispanic Heritage Month. Her book tour kicks off today at the Strand Book Store (828 Broadway) in New York City and will go through the election season. Check out the full list of book tour stops here.


Learn more about Julissa’s book here.

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