Dave Navarro’s Mother was Murdered When He was a Teen and Now He’s Talking about It

“It was darkest, most horrible moment of my life.”

In 1983, Dave Navarro’s mother, Constance, was murdered by her ex-boyfriend. Dave Navarro was only 15 years old. The killer, John Riccardi, was a fugitive for eight years – until the TV show America’s Most Wanted aired a segment about him. Riccardi was eventually arrested in 1991 and convicted two years later. In a new documentary, Mourning Son, the Jane’s Addiction guitarist and Ink Master host opens up about losing his mother as a teen. Navarro details what it was like being a touring musician while his mother’s killer was on the run, and how it led him to several battles with addiction.

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'Scream Queens’ Hunk will Make You Go Gaga in His New Video


‘Scream Queens’ Hunk will Make You Go Gaga in His New Video


It Hurts So Good

Diego Boneta, better known as the hottie Pete Diller from Scream Queens — or our most recent celebrity crush — just released a sexy AF music video. Get ready from some hot, hot action.

“The Hurt” shows the heartthrob entangled in a with a sexy brunette who teases and ties him to the bed only to leave him high and dry. Diego, don’t panic, we’re on our way!

With this song, Diego experiments with electronic and rock sounds, different from the ballads we’re used to hearing from the sexy Mexicano.

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