Danny Trejo: Machete Wielder, Coffee Shop Saver and American Hero

Buffalo Bruce’s Mercantile is a beloved coffee shop in Sylmar.

Credit: Gary I. / Yelp

This quiet oasis has served the community since 1997.

Some vandals tagged the local business with homophobic slurs.

Credit: Vivian Hartman / Facebook


Credit: Vivian Hartman / Facebook

Because coffee shops are where intolerance lives, right?

Enter Danny Trejo: actor, activist and renowned badass.

Happy #BestFriendsDay from myself & the @BestFriendsAnimalSociety​! With your help we can #SaveThemAll

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From dogs to minority groups, Danny Trejo loves to help.

Danny Trejo organized a day of repainting Buffalo Bruce’s Mercantile.



Credit: Chona Aros, REALTOR ~ Pinnacle Estate Properties, Inc. / Facebook
Credit: Chona Aros, REALTOR ~Pinnacle Estate Properties, Inc. / Facebook
Credit: Vivian Hartman / Facebook

Fans of the Machete star swooped in to give the coffee shop a fresh coat of paint.

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Who wouldn’t want to help Danny Trejo?

Machete is making off with our kids! #dannytrejo #machete #sylmar

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Just met Danny Trejo #dannytrejo #danny #trejo #machete #sylmar

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Everybody had a role in helping the business heal.

A true role model. A child giving back to her community. #Sylmar #SanFernandoValley

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#Sylmar Sophia's Angels by InsomniArtist #SanFernandoValley

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Families took their Sunday off to help any way they could.

Owner Vivian Hartman was moved by the outpour of support.

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Credit: Vivian Hartman / Facebook
Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 12.35.22 PM
Credit: Vivian Hartman / Facebook
Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 12.35.40 PM
Credit: Vivian Hartman / Facebook

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