Danny Trejo Makes Us ‘Aww’ Once Again With His Super Cute Donut Shop

Danny Trejo, everyone’s favorite on-screen machete-wielding badass, is becoming quite the foodie impresario.

Danny Trejo’s food ventures started with Trejo’s Tacos.

Trejo opened the taqueria on La Brea Avenue in Los Angeles in March 2016. The menu caters to omnivores, vegetarians, vegans and folks with dietary restrictions.

Then he started cruising through L.A. with his taco truck.

In August 2016, Trejo’s Truck started rolling through the streets of L.A. Trejo describes it as “a fast-food truck where you can eat healthy.”

As if that weren’t enough, Trejo’s Cantina followed shortly.

A couple of weeks after Trejo’s Tacos started truckin’, Trejo’s Cantina in Hollywood opened. It’s bigger than Trejo’s Tacos, has a full bar and an expanded menu. Because what’s a taco on a Sunday afternoon without a michelada?

And next year, he’s bringing us Trejo’s Coffee & Donuts!


He’s opening a coffee and donut shop in a space on the corner of Santa Monica Boulevard and Highland Avenue.

Bonus: The donut shop will provide Danny’s own line of coffee.

No doubt that coffee is going to be strong. Also, rumor has it that there will be gluten-free donuts on the menu because that’s how Danny does.

And by the looks of it, it’s going to be as Instagrammable as Trejo’s Tacos.



Click here to find out more about Trejo’s Coffee and Donuts.

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