Damn! You Will Never See Camila Cabello The Same After Watching Her New Music Video

“Bad Things” is showing a different side of Camila Cabello.

Camila Cabello and Machine Gun Kelly just released their music video for their song “Bad Things” and it. is. in. tense. The newest single from the Cubana singer is full of super sexy and risky lyrics that are perfectly matched by the wild and free feeling of the music video. The storyline of the new music video shows Cabello and Kelly living a wild life full of parties, late nights, questionable choices and a Bonnie and Clyde ending. Not to mention the lustfulness of the lyrics. Less than 12 hours after being released on YouTube, the video has more than 480,000 views.

“Don’t matter what you say / Don’t matter what you do / I only wanna do bad things to you / So good, that you can’t explain it / What can I say, it’s complicated,” Cabello sings to Kelly.

“Ok, yeah, I’m insane / But you the same / Let me paint the picture / Couch by the kitchen / Nothin’ but your heels on / Losing our religion / You’re my pretty little vixen / And I’m the voice inside your head / That keeps telling you to listen to all the bad things I say,” Kelly raps in response.

Oh…My…Gosh… ?

Glee / FOX / queenriver1012 / Tumblr
CREDIT: Glee / FOX / queenriver1012 / Tumblr

She is all grown up!

Most people are loving the music video.

Some think the video doesn’t promote the best of society.

But, largely, fans are eating it up.

BONUS: Here is their live performance on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.”

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The Colombian President And Congress Just Passed A Peace Deal The People Didn't Want


The Colombian President And Congress Just Passed A Peace Deal The People Didn’t Want

@JuanManSantos / Twitter / @sweetdulcelife / Twenty20

The Colombian Congress has ratified a new peace deal with the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) bypassing that voters.

@ajplus / Twitter
CREDIT: @ajplus / Twitter

The Colombian Senate ratified the revised peace deal in a 75 to zero vote. Just days later, the Colombian House of Representatives also ratified the peace deal with a vote of 130 to zero. Sounds like it is a pretty unanimous vote, however, opponents to the deal that are in the Congress abstained from voting. The abstaining votes gave the peace deal an easy path to ratification but members against the deal were vocal about their discontent. President Juan Manuel Santos and top FARC leader Rodrigo Londoño both signed the agreement on on Nov. 24 before it was sent to the Colombian Congress.

“On signing this agreement, as president of all Colombians, I want to invite all, with an open mind and open heart, to give peace a chance,” Santos said during the signing ceremony, according to The New York Times.

Colombians voted on a referendum on Oct. 2 and voters narrowly blocked the original peace deal with the rebel group. Colombia has been plagued with civil war for the past 52 years and, according to The Washington Post, the war has killed 220,000 people and displaced 7 million people in the South American country. Part of the new peace deal would allow for the rebel group to transition from violent revolutionary army to a political party.

President Santos wasted no time in applauding and congratulating the Congress for their action.

“Gratitude to Congress for its historic support of Colombians’ hope for peace.”

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