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Cuba Has A Drug That The U.S. Really Needs

Cuba Has A Vaccine For Lung Cancer And America Wants InCimavax has been available for free in Cuba since 2011, now the US wants to bring it stateside.

Posted by HuffPost LatinoVoices on Thursday, February 25, 2016


Turns out Cuba has something the United States really wants and needs: an extremely affordable vaccine for lung cancer.

For the past 25 years, Cuba has been developing Cimevax, a vaccine that stops the growth of lung cancer cells. “Patients getting Cimevax in fact live longer than those getting standard of care,” says doctor Kelvin Lee. What’s more is that it only costs $1 to produce each shot, so Cuba has been offering it to patients for free since 2011.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has been working towards getting the vaccine stateside so it could potentially save the 432 lives lost every year to lung cancer.

And although the vaccine needs to be tested and approved by the FDA if it were to come here, the new relationship President Obama has established with Cuba will help the development of this and other types of drugs. Here’s hoping pharmaceutical companies don’t raise the price of the vaccine by thousands.

Watch the video above to learn more about this ground-breaking vaccine.

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This Latino Fought Back Against Those Who Said He Didn't Belong In This Country

things that matter

This Latino Fought Back Against Those Who Said He Didn’t Belong In This Country

Credit: Forbidden Trailer / Heather Mathews / Vimeo

“My name is Moises Serrano and I am queer and I am undocumented and I am unafraid.”

Moises Serrano, like many young Latinos, was brought to this country by his family as they pursued better opportunities and stability. Serrano grew up in rural North Carolina, where many sides of his identity – gay, Latino, undocumented – were far from the norm.

Now 24, Serrano has become a strong voice for undocumented and gay people living in the U.S. Filmmakers Tiffany Rhynard and Kathi Barnhill followed Moises around for more than two years, capturing his life for the documentary “Forbidden.” Serrano is ready to show the world that he belongs in the U.S., the country he’s called home since he was two years old.

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