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Say Bye Bye To Russian. Cuba’s Government Is Asking Students To Learn English

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As American tourism blossoms in Cuba, the government has begun requiring that high school and university students learn English, BBC New reports. In the past, students had been given the option between Russian or English — but that was during the Cold War era. Now that Cuba’s diplomatic relationships have changed and English-speaking tourists are flocking to the country, English is preferred.

For locals, learning English means getting a piece of tourist money, and there’s plenty to be earned. However, outdated technologies in the country are proving to be a challenge for teachers who are facing pressure from the government to make English the country’s second language.

The BBC has written a great article explaining how Cuba’s people are affected by both the tourism and learning English, which you can check out here.

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The U.S. Hispanic Chamber Of Commerce President Has Been Hired By Trump To Serve On The Administration's Diversity Coalition


The U.S. Hispanic Chamber Of Commerce President Has Been Hired By Trump To Serve On The Administration’s Diversity Coalition

If there’s one thing that really gets under Donald Trump’s skin, it’s being criticized.

He called out “Saturday Night Live” for being “biased” three times after their sketches imitated him and he most recently went after Meryl Streep for the acceptance speech she delivered at the Golden Globes when she threw digs at the President-Elect without mentioning his name once.

Which is why the following comes as a big surprise to many…

Prior to election day, Javier Palomarez, a prominent Latino leader, fiercely slammed Trump for his inexperience and troubling policies against immigrants — he even called Trump a payaso  — but that all ends now. Palomarez, the president and CEO of United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, has been tapped to work closely with Trump.


In a bold and bizarre move, Trump hired Palomarez to serve as an advisor to his National Diversity Coalition. Is this some kind of “keep your friends close and your enemies closer” strategy? It’s definitely too soon to tell.

However, while we applaud Trump for diversifying some of the 4,000 government jobs he needs to fill, some are concerned to know that Palomarez who was very much against Trump will now be working for him. To this concern, Palomarez says that we must now work together.

“Our association is going to respect the process and respect the will of the people. We’re going to do everything we can to help the new administration move this country forward,” Palomarez told BuzzFeed. “I’m very enthused and encouraged by the progress thus far.”

Palomarez isn’t the only Latino serving on this board, he is, however, as BuzzFeed notes, a person who has more clout within the Latino community.

We’re extremely curious to see how the relationship between Palomarez and Trump will play out, and more importantly if this appointment will be beneficiary to the Latino community.

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