#CruzSexScandal Is THE Political Hashtag You Didn’t Know You Even Needed

Credit: @Campaign_Trump / Twitter / National Enquirer

Y’all. If you’ve checked Twitter lately, you more than likely saw tweet after tweet with the hashtag #CruzSexScandal blowing up your feed. The reason behind the hashtag is a story that ran in the National Enquirer. It claims Ted Cruz had affairs with 5 different women — FIVE. On the one hand, it’s the National Enquirer we’re talking about, but on the other,  they broke the John Edwards sex scandal story so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ . Regardless of the legitimacy of the story, the responses to the hashtag have been magical.

The hashtag has led to depression for a lot of Twitter users.

Credit: @dixonshuman / Twitter

Others are just straight up confused.

Credit: @Crutnacker / Twitter

There has also been serious “shock” — *cue sarcasm* — over the unspeakable news.

Credit: @Cmccarth7 / Twitter

This dude already gave Heidi Cruz her own special title, should the unthinkable happen and Cruz actually became president.

Credit: @CordieMendoza / Twitter

There’s even talk about what will happen when he finally faces the music à la Bill Clinton.

Credit: @markcritch / Twitter

And then there are the social media vigilantes working diligently to expose the identities of the women accused of sleeping with Cruz.


Credit: @Campaign_Trump / Twitter

Some of them are pretty public figures. #SipsTea

Most importantly, people were waiting on the edge of their seats for Donald Trump to chime in. After all, there’s already a battle involving their wives.

Credit: @BryanWeaverDC / Twitter

And he did.


Credit: @Allibiis / Twitter

Because this is the Internet, the hashtag has already become a meme, morphing into yet another iteration of the joke.

Credit: @dadbodhishattva / Twitter

But, don’t worry Teddy. Some people are on your side no matter what.

Credit: @Crutnacker / Twitter

It’s not just on Twitter.

Credit: USNews / CNN / YouTube

One of the alleged mistresses has already been publicly called out on CNN by a Trump surrogate, natch.

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6 Latina Fitness Gurus You Need To Follow On Instagram Right Now


6 Latina Fitness Gurus You Need To Follow On Instagram Right Now

Instagram / @hardcoreainsley

Ain’t no body like a rockin’ Latina body.  Here are six Latinas that are killin’ it on Instagram giving solid fitness inspo. ???


A photo posted by MankoFit ?? (@massy.arias) on


Credit: Instagram/@massy.arias

Massy, also known as MankoFit, gives great fitness tutorials, enough motivation to convince anyone to get off the couch and even healthy recipes. Who wouldn’t want coconuts like hers?


Credit: Instagram/@LyzabethLopez

Lyzabeth Lopez’s body is on point! This personal trainer and holistic nutritionist has great videos to get you into shape. She also advocates for a healthy relationship with food and shows that being strong is beautiful.


Credit: Instagram/@__Chady__

Chady offers a great balance of important self-love quotes and exercise tips. She’s also a lady who can appreciate cute dogs and a big-ass In-N-Out burger. Because, hey, you’re gonna need fuel when you work out.


Credit: Instagram/@shonda1020

Shonda is a great person to follow everywhere — she even posts workouts on Snapchat.  It’s like having a personal trainer (complete with great workout music) without breaking the bank. She also offers healthy food porn, because what’s the point of working out if you can’t reward yourself with great food?


Let’s chill for a lil bit ? @anllela_sagra A photo posted by Anllela Sagra (@anllelasagra_) on


This Colombian fitness guru posts video workouts you can follow along at home and even offers a fitness guide to get your dream body! Seriously, just look at her abs and tell me that’s not inspiring. *Does 1,000 sit-ups.*


Credit: Instagram/@hardcoreainsley

Ainsley has endless photos that make you want to hit the gym, and she has an affordable e-book to help you reach those goals. Also — and this has nothing to do with fitness — she has a really cute dog. I mean, whatever. Who doesn’t love a cute dog along with their exercise routine?

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Are there other fitness Instagram accounts you love?  Share them below!

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