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Could the U.S. be Blamed for Gang Violence in El Salvador?


“It was Easier During the War.”

30 murders a day. Killers as young as 12. 80 percent of homicides gang-related. The violence in El Salvador is almost unfathomable…and in part, blamed on the U.S.

During the 12-year long civil war in the 1980s and early 90s, many Salvadorans emigrated to the U.S. and joined either La Mara Salvatrucha (MS 13) or Barrio 18, both Los Angeles-based gangs. When the U.S. stepped in and started deporting gang members to their home country, all hell broke lose back in El Salvador.

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Photojournalist, Patrick Tombola, captured the deplorable state of the country during a recent. While documenting the lives of Salvadorans trapped in this violence, he heard something shocking: “One thing that people keep repeating is that it was easier during the war. At least, you knew who your real enemies were,” he said. “Today, anyone can be grabbing a gun and shoot at you without repercussions.”

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Quiz: Yep, He's that One Cholo from Every Movie. Can You Guess Which One by a Screenshot?


Quiz: Yep, He’s that One Cholo from Every Movie. Can You Guess Which One by a Screenshot?

Black Gate Entertainment

You know Noel G, right? He’s the actor you’ve seen playing (mostly) cholos on TV and in movies. You probably remember him as this cholo in Training Day…

Credit: Warner Bros.

Or Road Dogz… or The X-Files… or S.W.A.T.… or Harsh Times… or Hood of Horror… or Street Kings… YOU GET IT.

Seriously, someone even made a YouTube video with the following description:

Credit: ComedyTimeLatino / YouTube

OK, he’s not exactly the “Mexican guy from every movie.” His name is Noel Gugliemi and he’s an actor-comedian based in Los Angeles.

But… if you had to look at a screenshot of the movies he’s been in, could you guess which movie it was? Here’s your chance: