This Kid from Compton Sings Corridos Like a Mexican

Meet El Compa Negro.


Don’t believe him? Just watch.


What??? Hijo de Suuuu!

His name is Rhyan Lowery and he grew up in Compton, California.

El Compa fell in love with norteñas while living in Perris, California.


They let him hang out during practices…

Credit: Musica Marca Diablo / YouTube

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… and he eventually started playing drums with the band. He then got the itch to sing when he heard Julión Álvarez’s “Y Tu.”

Credit: Musica Marca Diablo / YouTube

… El Compa Negro started building a buzz through social media.  

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He eventually caught the attention of Larry Hernández

Credit: Musica Marca Diablo / YouTube

…who invited him to perform a few songs with him at a live show.        

Since then he’s been performing with his band, El Compa Negro & Los Mas Poderosos.


And meeting a who’s who of the regional Mexican music scene:


Yep, that’s Luis Coronel…


And Beto Sierra…


And Jorge Gaxiola of Voz De Mando

Credit: Musica Marca Diablo / YouTube

He’s also performing at bailes across the United States.

Credit: Musica Marca Diablo / YouTube

El Compa says he’s got a few haters who think he shouldn’t be singing Mexican music.