Here’s How Easy It Will Be For Mexicans To Visit Canada

It might sound like a shady scam, but starting this December, all a Mexican citizen will need to enter Canada is an email address, a passport, and a credit card. Well, you’ll need what’s called an Electronic Travel Authorization, but that can be purchased for $7 Canadian with a valid credit card.

The announcement for the visa workaround came last June, when Canadian Prime Minister, and political dreamboat, Justin Trudeau met with Mexico’s president, Enrique Peña Nieto.


Canada’s conservatives have expressed concern over this policy change, however, the percentage of Mexican’s seeking asylum in the country has dropped from 25 percent to less than 1 percent in the last four years. Trudeau’s party has kept the line of dialog open with Mexico over the years, and when the two leaders met this last June, Trudeau had this to say, “Canada and Mexico are more than just friends. We are partners. And it’s what we share as partners and friends that I’d like to celebrate.” Say what you want about EPN, it’s nice to hear a little love between countries right now.

And let’s not forget that time Justin Trudeau and EPN went jogging together.


What a beautiful bromance.

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