Colombian Soccer Players Show They Can Dance Cumbia With The Best Of Them


James Rodriguez and the rest of his Colombia teammates appear to be having a great time at the Copa America Centenario tourney. Aside from their stumble versus Costa Rica in the group stage, the Cafeteros have looked like one of the favorites to raise the Copa. They’ve played attractive, attacking football, and it looks like they’re not only having fun on the pitch, but in the locker room, too.

A video recently surfaced featuring Rodriguez and a few teammates dancing to the beat of a cumbia. James may be the star, but it’s clear that Juan Cuadrado and Carlos Sanchez have the best moves on the team.

Los Cafeteros are no strangers to locker room hijinks. Here’s an old video of James & crew heading a ball back and forth around the locker room:

And if you can’t get enough of Colombia’s dancing, here’s footage of them getting down at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil…

And footage of Colombia players egging on a young James Rodriguez to show the rest of the team his moves.

Win or lose, Colombia definitely knows how to have fun.

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