This Colombian Designer Wants Afro-latinos To Be Recognized And Celebrated In The Fashion World

Designer Edwing D’Angelo(WATCH) NY Fashion Week: Designer champions Afro-Latinos during Black History Month
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Posted by Fox News Latino on Thursday, February 11, 2016

“I, basically, want to bring some awareness to Afro-Latinos, who should be part of Black History Month.”

Afro-Colombian fashion designer Edwing D’Angelo has been making a name for himself in fashion, especially in New York City where the industry can be particularly cutthroat. This Colombiano’s designs have been featured in “The Devil Wears Prada and have been worn by superstars, such as Tyra Banks.


Now, during Black History Month and New York Fashion Week, D’Angelo is trying to change the way the fashion world thinks. D’Angelo says he’s working to include more Afro-Latino influences in fashion, starting first in Colombia, where he organized a fashion show that showcased Afro-Colombians.

D’Angelo says the next step of his process is to start a conversation that will open doors for other Afro-Latino fashion designers to do their thing.

Check out the full story of Edwing D’Angelo’s work to make Afro-Latino part of the black conversation here.

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