Colombia Just Made The Biggest Coke Bust Ever

Near the Panama border Colombian police made the the biggest worldwide cocaine bust. Ever.

Creidt: @juanmansantos / Twitter

Authorities discovered 9.3 TONS of cocaine under a banana plantation just waaaaaiting to be distributed.

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You’re probably wondering about that elephant. She’s there just to give you an idea of how much cocaine was actually seized. An adult elephant weighs 7 tons. Imagine that and then some. Yeah, that’s A LOT of coke.

This much cocaine has a street value of $240 million.

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“The biggest seizure of drugs in history. A hit against criminals,” Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos said on his Twitter account.

So who did the drugs belong to and where is the owner?

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According to the Defense Minister Luis Carlos Villegas, the drugs belonged to the Usugas gang.

Colombia is offering a $3 million reward to anyone who finds the Usuga leader.

Credit: @juanmansantos / Twitter

It’s a huge accomplishment for Colombia, but a small number compared to the 487 tons of cocaine the country produces a year.

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