First Gay Couple Gets Legally Married and then are Forced to Annul in Costa Rica

Costa Rica has not legalized gay marriage yet, and they’re far from it. But when Jazmin Elizondo Arias married her girlfriend, Laura Flores-Estrada Pimentel, they did so legally.

How is this possible, you ask? You see, Jazmin is a woman, but according to her birth certificate, she’s a male. This error went uncorrected for decades. So, 25 years later, she married Laura because on paper they were a man and a woman.

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The legal marriage was brief. After media attention alerted the courts to the clerical error, they immediately corrected her birth certificate and annulled the marriage.

“In this case effectively there was an error in one of the registrations, which makes the annulment of this marriage possible,” said Luis Bolanos, director of the Registry agency.

Both women knew they could face legal problems and they are, but as Flores-Estrada put it: “If we’re all equal on paper, why can’t I get married?”

Read all about the legal issues the women are facing here.

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