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Donald Trump: Show Us Your PenisDonald J. Trump: Show Us Your Penis

Use hashtag #trumpshowusyourpenis

Posted by CollegeHumor on Sunday, March 6, 2016

So, How Big Is It?

Last week “Little Marco” Rubio, whose poor performance at the primaries has forced him to go into kamikaze mode, claimed that Donald Trump had small hands. This, of course, implies that the reality television star has a small penis.

Naturally, because his manhood had been questioned, Trump responded at Thursday’s GOP debate by suggesting that his penis was hyuuuuuuge.

Is it though? Trump, after all, has lied about watching Muslims celebrate during 9/11 (a blatant lie), Trump University, not knowing about David Duke or the Ku Klux Klan and(!) all Mexicans being rapists. So who’s to say that he’s not lying about his schlong? After all, the Drumpf does have a reputation for bragging about how big his assets are (release your financial records, Mr. Trump).

Before you dismiss this post as something other than stupid, hear me out: Adolf Hitler had a small, deformed penis. I’m not saying that Trump is the next Hitler, but he did just make his supporters salute him at a recent campaign rally.  You know who else had a salute? Yep, Hitler.

Listen, Trump, all we’re asking is that you show us a picture of your junk to ensure that you’re nothing like the most reprehensible human being that ever existed. You owe the American public that much.

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