Christina Milian Opens Up about Domestic Abuse on Her Reality TV Show

Christina Milian just dropped a bombshell on all her fans…she was a victim of severe domestic violence and abuse. The 34-year-old singer and actress opened up on Christina Milian Turned Up and had a frank and touching talk with her mother about her terrifying past.

In a recent episode of CMTU, Milian was getting ready for a publicity event promoting the app Stop Attack.

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Stop Attack is a real-time, emergency assault response app available for Android and IOS. The app allows you to take footage in real-time of any physical or verbal attacks and stores it on a cloud system. Not only can you record the assault, you can also send alerts and notifications to people you choose so people know that you are in trouble.

Milian’s attachment and promotion of the app comes from first-hand experience of being a victim of domestic violence when she was a teen.

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“The domestic violence started slowly and evolved,” Milian told HuffPost Entertainment. “First the controlling phase, ‘Who’s on your phone? Who is this person? Your mom is way too up in your business. You’re 18. You’re an adult.’ He was getting in my head – brainwashing me.”

Carmen Milian, Christina’s mother, was immediately taken back to that time.

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While Christina was in the relationship, her abuser threatened to hurt her family if she ever left and Carmen remembers that fear that kept her daughter going back to her abuser.

The mother-daughter duo believe that the app has the potential to save lives, especially in cases of abuse like Christina’s.

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Even though it was Christina who was being abused, Carmen spoke of how the whole family was impacted by the relationship. She remembers seeing her daughter cover the bruises to keep the family from seeing the evidence as they feared for her life.

“It’s one of the hardest things as a parent to see your child go through an abusive [relationship],” Carmen said during the episode.

Credit: ET / HuffingtonPost

On Twitter, Christina explained why she revealed her story of domestic abuse in such a public way.

And fans have been reaching out to the Afro-Cuban entertainer with positivity and gratitude for showing such strength.

Some fans appreciate Christina for using her voice to bring light to the issue of domestic abuse.

And others are starting to see Christina in a different light.

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