Christian Louboutin Is Dressing The Cuban Olympic Team

Christian Louboutin / Facebook

The Cuban Olympic team is getting some slick threads for the Rio Games thanks to Christian Louboutin. Yes. The Christian Louboutin who designs high-end shoes known for those famous red soles.

These red soles:

Here are members of the Cuban Olympic team rocking the Christian Louboutin designer outfits.

Christian Louboutin teamed up with designer Henri Tai to create looks for the Cuban athletes to wear during formal, non-competitive events and they are stunning. The shoe designer went all out creating jackets, pants and, of course, shoes for the Caribbean island’s athletic team.

And these outfits are tight af.

Credit: Christian Louboutin / Facebook

According to Louboutin and Henri, the two were inspired to dress the Cuban Olympic team after a photo shoot in the island nation.

Men were given some super stylish and hip high tops and women get to rock some kitten heels. And, yes, they have that signature red shoe sole.

“We designed the celebratory outfit for the moment they turn back into humans, still in that glory moment, still in their light but heading back to the real world,” Louboutin said on Instagram. “We really want them to continue feeling amazing in their skin while looking astonishing.”

Basically, the Cuban national team is going to be looking fly as hell in Rio de Janeiro.

Credit: Christian Louboutin / Facebook


Watch Christian Louboutin and Henri Tai discuss their decision and process for dressing the Cuban Olympic Team below!

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Young, Proud American Sebastien de la Cruz Sings National Anthem At DNC


Young, Proud American Sebastien de la Cruz Sings National Anthem At DNC

Three years ago Sebastien de la Cruz became the target of hateful racist online commentary after he sang the national anthem during the NBA Finals in San Antonio.

People told him to go back to Mexico. He was just 11 years old. Now, at 14, Sebastien sang the National Anthem at day 3 of the DNC.

Posted by NBC Latino on Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Hater talk never made Sebby mad.

The first time Sebastien de la Cruz sang the national anthem in front of millions of people, he was 11-years-old. The San Antonio Spurs (miss you Timmy!) tapped the young Mexican-American mariachi with the golden voice to perform “The Star-Spangled Banner” during Game 3 of the 2013 NBA finals. A lot of people couldn’t stand the idea of a young, proud Latino singing his country’s national anthem while dressed as a mariachi, so of course the Spurs brought him back for Game 4.

Sebastien is back again. This time, he’s 14-years-old, and he performed the national anthem during day 3 of the Democratic National Convention. The video gave me chills; It was a nice reminder that this young Mexican-American is as much a part of this country’s fabric as Francis Scott Key’s music, or the stars and stripes the black Vietnam veteran is saluting. Sebastien’s performance and this audience’s reaction that America really, truly is great already.

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