Christian Louboutin Introduces Nude Flats In A Variety Of Skin Tones (Rejoice!)

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“Nude” is often a misnomer in the realms of fashion and beauty. If you’ve ever struggled to find nude bras or a nude lipstick, you’ve quickly discovered that these are made for exactly one shade of light-to-medium-beige person, often with vaguely orange undertones.

Fortunately, more and more companies — like L’Oréal and NubianSkin — are expanding their definition of nude to include a wider variety of skin shades.

Christian Louboutin previously added heels in various shades to its nudes collection and is now following up with a point-toe ballerina flat available in seven nude shades, from their palest (Nude #1), to their deepest (Nude #7). They announced the new line with beautiful, ballet-inspired campaign:

Longer legs? Yes, please! Shop nudes in our bio. ? @sofiaandmauro

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Credit: Instagram / louboutinworld

  Here’s a closer look at the shoes:

Credit: Instagram / louboutinworld

The shoes are currently available for pre-order and will set you back a cool $595. Hopefully, the company’s move will inspire other, sliiiightly less expensive retailers to offer a range of nude shoes as well.

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What do you think of the collection? Also, do you have $595 we can borrow? Let us know in the comments.

20 Doctors Crowd Around Salma Hayek In ER, Find Out Why


20 Doctors Crowd Around Salma Hayek In ER, Find Out Why



“Ay, they recognize me. I’m so popular.”

Was it Salma, Salma’s “boobs” or both that got the attention of 20 ER doctors…hmmm.

“I was doing a scene and this was part of my wardrobe. I accidentally hit my head really hard and couldn’t see clearly and I was all woozy,” Salma explained on “Jimmy Kimmel Live.”  Naturally, she was rushed to the hospital in case she had a concussion.

“They took me on the stretchers and everyone was staring at me and I said, ‘Ay they recognize me. I’m so popular!’” Then she realized she was wearing the boob shirt.

While we agree that the boob t-shirt is a bit ironic since it’s Salma Hayek, we think the person wearing it had something to do with having all those doctors staring at her, we think.



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