Christian Cuevas Makes It To ‘The Voice’ Semifinals

Once again, Christian Cuevas gave America what they wanted.

Christian Cuevas has captivated the judges of ‘The Voice’ since his Blind Audition and he has not stopped yet. This week, Cuevas made the cut to move from the top 10 to the top 8 semifinals. Cuevas chose one of Lady Gaga’s newest singles, “Million Reasons,” and he gave it the soulful interpretation it deserved. After his performance, Cuevas said that the emotional performance of “Million Reasons” took him back to his Blind Audition. Cuevas performed “How Am I Supposed To Live Without You” by Michael Bolton in dedication to his late father.

Alicia Keys was very clearly feeling her team member’s performance.

The Voice / YouTube
CREDIT: The Voice / YouTube

Cuevas did such a good job with the song that even Lady Gaga tweeted out his video.

*fangirls in celebration with Christian Cuevas*

It wasn’t long until the tweet became a little love fest between the two.


Cuevas definitely deserved to advance to the semifinals after all of that.

Good choice, America.

Keep it up, Christian. We are all rooting for you!


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This Beloved Drag Queen Luchador Just Got His Own Documentary


This Beloved Drag Queen Luchador Just Got His Own Documentary

New Yorker / YouTube

In an industry dominated by machismo, climbing to the top of lucha libre is a challenge for the “manliest” of wrestlers.

No one knows this better than Cassandro, one of the most famous exótico luchadores to come out of Mexico. Saúl Armendáriz — a.k.a. Cassandro — began wrestling over 27 years ago as Mr. Romano, a rudo (bad guy). But even with a mask and a rude attitude, audiences were quick to catch on to Armendáriz’s sexuality. So instead of acting like something he wasn’t, Armendáriz dropped the bad guy routine and began flaunting his natural flamboyance, saying, “If I’m going to make the transition (to exótico), I’m going to make it the whole nine yards.” Since that time, Cassandro has earned a reputation for being one of the greatest showmen in lucha libre, while also winning matches and fans along the way. The New Yorker recently featured Cassandro with a short documentary, which is available here for free.


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