Chivas’ End is Nearing


Club Deportivo Guadalajara, famously known as Chivas and Mexico’s favorite team, has bumbled and stumbled its way to become the laughingstock of Mexico’s pro soccer league. The struggle is VERY real.

Chivas have been on an embarrassing losing skid for several seasons.

After winning the Liga Mx Apertura title in 2006, Chivas have tried and tried to find a winning formula but nothing has worked. They’ve gone through nine coaches in three years. And 20 coaches in the last 12 years.

How bad has it gotten?

Y sobre la hora Jair Pereira anotó. #Pereira #Gol #Empate

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They are DANGEROUSLY close to falling to Mexico’s second division — the “minor leagues” of Mexico.   

Each year, the team with the worst winning percentage in Mexico’s pro league is knocked down to the second division to remain there until winning the second division title.

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That’s Chivas in 16th place, teetering near the bottom of the Liga MX relegation table. READ: Fans in Holland Show Love to A Mexican Soccer Star

What’s the big deal, you ask?

Nuestra afición está en todos lados y el domingo tenemos una cita. #JuntosVsTodo A photo posted by Chivas (@chivas_oficial) on

It’s NEVER happened. Chivas dates to 1904, and they’re arguably the most popular team in Mexican soccer.  

Just take a look at what fans think:

And of course, there are memes:

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Some fans blame owner Jorge Vergara who bought Chivas in 2002.

Manifestación Chiva
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They’ve even protested on the streets of Guadalajara to call for his resignation.  

This is not good for Chivas, one of the winningest teams in Mexican soccer history.

Chivas has won 11 professional league championships.

That is only second to, you guessed it, their hated rival Club América.

América won the Apertura Liga MX championship last year. Way to rub it in, broders.    

If Chivas doesn’t rack up some victories this season, they’re as good as gone to the second division.

La exigencia a pesar de todo. #FernandoArce #expresión #incansable

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Thanks for playing.      

Fans know the stakes…

¡No importa la plaza, importas tú! Hoy vamos #JuntosVsTodo. A photo posted by Chivas (@chivas_oficial) on  

… so they’ve set aside their frustrations and are coming out to inspire their team to victory.

Wondering how some fans may react if Chivas falls to the second division?

THIS is what happened in Argentina when River Plate, one of the country’s most popular teams, was relegated to the Argentine second division. (Warning: NSFW language)

Don’t let that happen to your grandpa.

This Hilarious Twitter Account Totally Nails What It’s Like Growing Up Mexican


This Hilarious Twitter Account Totally Nails What It’s Like Growing Up Mexican

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