Chipotle? Try These Tacos on The Trail, Hillary Clinton

Don’t Settle When Stumping; Go For the Real Deal

So, Fox News anchors wondered if Hillary Clinton’s Chipotle stop in Ohio was Hispanic outreach. More than likely, the Democratic presidential candidate was just jonesing for a burrito bowl since the stop was unannounced. But to earn real street cred, Hillary’s campaign bus should stop at these joints as she makes her way along the campaign trail. Take notes, Rubio, Cruz and Bush.

Los Angeles: El Tepeyac

Credit: Yelp

While fundraising in LA, she must head out to Boyle Heights to order the Manny’s Special. It’s the size of a baby, so don’t expect to finish it. The press plane can enjoy her leftovers.

Des Moines: La Rosa

Credit: Yelp

Hillary can hit La Rosa for some chilaquiles as she makes her way across the state hitting 99 counties during Iowa caucus time.

Tucson: El Charro

Credit: Yelp

Arizona is a border state that may likely lean to the Republican candidate, which should give Hillary even more reason to hit El Charro in Tucson for the Carne Seca.

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Santa Fe, New Mexico: Maria’s

Credit: Yelp

The food here is so authentic, Chipotle wishes it was as legit as Maria’s. Hillary should stop here and have their green chile stew — nothing gets food to the polls more than food.

Dayton, Ohio: Taqueria Mixteca

Credit: Yelp

The state has an impressive record for picking presidents and the 166,000 Latino voters can the difference. Which means if Hillary’s thinking aheadshe needs to head to Dayton’sTaqueria Mixteca for the Bistek Campechano.

Hampton Roads, Virginia: Jessy’s Taqueria

Credit: Yelp

Hillary has a friend in Virginia in governor Terry McAuliffe, but why take chances? The state has a history of backing Republicans, so heading to Jessy’s to try their famous tacos is in order.

Madison, Wisconsin: Taqueria Guadalajara

Credit: Yelp

Hillary better spend some time in Wisconsin if she wants to keep the state blue. A visit to Taqueria Guadalajara for Jalisco-style tacos in Madison may help her cause. We recommend the gorditas or tripa tacos.

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Wilmington, Delaware: La Poblanita

Credit: Yelp

With Vice President Joe Biden stumping his home state, Delaware is expected to stay blue. But Hillary shouldn’t risk it. She should set a chalupa date with Joe Biden at hit La Poblanita.

Las Vegas: Original Lindo Michoacan

Credit: Yelp

Obama carried Nevada in 2012 because he won Clark and Washoe counties, although he lost the rest. Carnitas at Vegas’ Lindo Michoacan will impress the locals.

Nashua, New Hampshire: El Colima Mexican Restaurant

Credit: Yelp

The nation’s first primary will likely be a walkover for Clinton (will there be any Democratic challengers?) but hanging onto the Northeast may prove critical for the Dems. Hanging out at El Colima in Nashua will only help her case.

Philadelphia: Los Gallos Mexican Taqueria

Credit: Yelp

Scoring Pennsylvania’s vote in 2016 will be pivotal. The state is predominantly Democratic, but it’s a tight race and mingling with a few of the party’s 4 million voters at Los Gallos for some beef short rib tacos at Los Gallos on Philly’s South Side will surely score among the delegates.

El Paso: Lucy’s

Credit: Lucy’s Cafe Facebook

Forget it. Texas is a lost cause for the Democrats. The last party nominee to carry the state was Jimmy Carter in 1976. But not so fast. With more than 3.8 million Latino voters, Hillary might make history and take the state’s vote especially if she schedules a meet-and-greet at Lucy’s over their famous cheesy machaca plate.

Charleston, South Carolina — Taco Boy

Credit: Tripadvisor

It will be tough to shift the red tide of South Carolina, but it can be done with a trip to a place called Taco Boy that will let the state’s 82,000 Hispanic voters know that she’s serious about winning them over.

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