Chicharito Can’t Hold Back the Tears When Talking About His Family


“Ver llorar a mi madre… fue horrible.”

¿Porque lloras Chicharito? Mexican fútbol star Javier “Chicharito” Hernández opens up and sheds a few tears in an interview with Univision Los Angeles’s León Krauze. Hernández talks about the tough times he and his family went through when it looked like his professional career appeared to be over. He reveals how his family, especially his mother, gave him the strength to persevere and reach heights he never imagined.

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So Sad: Latino Parents Insult Themselves Without Knowing It


So Sad: Latino Parents Insult Themselves Without Knowing It

Credit: orangeis / Tumblr

It’s a common denominator that Latino parents, without knowing, insult themselves quite often. Peep the evidence…

The ones that attack themselves…

Credit: we are mitú / Facebook
Credit: Anthony Valenzuela / Facebook

¿Te qué?

Credit: Cinthia Blancas / Facebook

Does anyone know what pelona means?

Credit: Kimberly Marín / Facebook

Heard it a million times – but why would you say that about yourself?

Credit: Ernie Mas / Facebook 
Credit: pennybrooks17 / Tumblr

CREDIT: What You Say vs. What Mamá Hears

The ones that forget they exist…

12185461_1507285352905235_4452641055058935726_o 1
Credit: Angie Lujan / Facebook


Credit: Billie Jeane Mason / Facebook


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And those that do a little bit of both…

Credit: Julie Alcantar / Facebook
Credit: xtinagif / Tumblr

Even dads are guilty…

Credit: ISu Dk / Instagram

Do you hear what you’re saying? ?

Screen Shot 2015-11-06 at 3.47.05 PM
Credit: Esmeralda Perez / Facebook


Credit: teendotcom / Tumblr

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