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This Deliveryman Has a Huge Collection of Chicano Art and He Kept it a Secret for 35 Years

This is Enrique Serrato. He’s a retired 74-year-old who lives in Whitter, California.

Credit: Patrick Kennedy / Vimeo

For 35 years, he was keeping a secret.

He owns one of the biggest collections of Chicano art.

Credit: Patrick Kennedy / Vimeo

It’s true. For several decades, Serrato collected more than 6,600 pieces of art.

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Credit: Patrick Kennedy / Vimeo

After growing up visiting museums with his mother, Serrato became obsessed with collecting art and carried on with it year after year.

He’s got SO MUCH ART that he sleeps on the floor of his two-bedroom apartment.

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Credit: Patrick Kennedy / Vimeo

Serrato: “I’d rather have more art than a bed.”

Most of his collection is made up of Chicano art and ceramics…

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Credit: Patrick Kennedy / Vimeo

Somewhere in his apartment, Serrato has pieces from Chicano artists Gronk, Diane Gamboa and Lalo Alcaraz.

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But he also owns work from artists such as Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali and Diego Rivera.

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Credit: Patrick Kennedy / Vimeo

For more than three decades, Serrato kept his collection a secret.

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Credit: Patrick Kennedy / Vimeo

Over the last 10 years, Serrato has been inviting friends and fellow art lovers to check out his expansive collection. Artist José Lozano, whose work is displayed in Serrato’s bathroom: “Amongst the clutter, there’s a treasure there.”

Learn more about Enrique Serrato:

Credit: Patrick Kennedy / Vimeo

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