This Chola Went Crazy on Sandra Bullock and It was Amazing


“If I could do anything to become more Latina, I would do it.”

Ooooh, careful what you wish for homegirl, because you know there’s a little chola in all of us. Sure thing, Sandra Bullock got her wish as she transformed into a hardcore chola.

And she couldn’t ask for a better person than YouTube star Chola Girl to give her the makeover — who came armed with her eyebrow sharpie and Aqua Net hairspray.

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“We need to fix everything. I mean look at this. This is so wrong,” Chola Girl said. “How do you expect to run from the cops in those shoes.” Good point.

Check out the video above and see if sweet Sandy passes the bitch-eyebrow-test post-makeover. Oh, and you have to  find out what her chola name is. Hint: it’s not Flat Butt.

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