The Unexpected Reason This Actor Isn’t Endorsing Trump

Credit: The Graham Norton Show / YouTube

You’d think someone as cocky and boastful as Donald Trump would know a thing or two about giving good wedding gifts.

On Britain’s “The Graham Norton” talk show, Charlie Sheen shared a memory of the wedding gift he got from Trump. He says Trump spotted him out at dinner, came over and said, “‘These are platinum-diamond Harry Winstons,’ as he pulls off his cufflinks and he gives them to me.”

Sheen was taken aback by Trump’s generous gift…until he got it appraised. Apparently, the woman appraising the present “recoiled from it, much like people do from Trump.” She then said, “In their finest moment this is cheap pewter and bad zirconas.” Sheen shakes his head thinking about it, “And they were stamped Trump!”  Sheen continued, “What does this really say about the man that he says ‘here’s this great wedding gift!’ and it’s just a bag of dog shit.” ? ? ? ? ?

Sheen ended the conversation on a hopeful note, “I have faith that good and decent people will make the right choice and the circus will leave town before it contaminates the oval office” to many cheers from the audience. We hope so too ??.

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