Celebrities and Thousands of People Join Forces to Ban Bullfighting in Mexico


A centuries year old tradition may be coming to a halting end thanks to a bunch of celebs and a tens of thousands of bull-loving peeps.

Eugenio Derbez, Marco Antonio Regil and Ruben Albarran are among the more than 85,000 people that have signed a petition to end bullfighting in Baja California, Mexico.

“If we can convince lawmakers that there are thousands of us who oppose this cruel and inhumane practice, we could bring about a historic change,” stated the petition on Change.org.

Manuel Sescosse, president of the National Association of Bull Ranchers, says the sport benefits the region economically, but animal rights activists are not buying it.

[H/T: Fox News Latino]

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Police Officer Under Investigation After Body Slamming 12-Year-Old Girl To The Ground

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Police Officer Under Investigation After Body Slamming 12-Year-Old Girl To The Ground

Credit: Ghost-0 / YouTube
Credit: ghost-0 / YouTube

“She landed on her face!”

Officer Joshua Kehm of San Antonio is under investigation for body slamming 12-year-old Janissa Valdez after she became verbally aggressive toward other students according to my San Antonio.

As seen in the video, the sixth grader is kicking when the officer wraps his arms around her. A few students can be heard yelling “Janissa, chill!” just before Officer Kehm picks her up and slams her body to the ground. You can hear the crowd of students “ooh” in unison. One student screams and asks if she’s okay before yelling, “She landed on her face!”

Janissa’s mother told my San Antonio they’re both still in shock.

“This video is very concerning, and we are working to get all of the details,” Leslie Price, spokeswoman for the West Side campus of  the San Antonio Independent School District, said to my San Antonio. “We certainly want to understand what all occurred, and we are not going to tolerate excessive force in our district.”

Earlier this year, Janissa had been suspended for three days after being involved in a school fight. Her mom says Janissa has been bullied several times. She has spoken with school authorities to look into the bullying, but there is no resolution as of yet.

“I just want something done,” she said of the incident with the officer. “Because he could go back and do it again to my daughter or another student.”

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