Carmelo Anthony Remembers Marching In Baltimore After Freddie Gray

“There’s good police and there’s fucked up police. That’s just the way it is.”

After the death of Freddie Gray, Baltimore, Maryland was in turmoil. There were riots, protests and a whole city was grieving the loss of a young man at the hands of police. One of those grieving and upset members of the Baltimore community was basketball player Carmelo Anthony. The New York Knicks star, who grew up in Baltimore, knew that he had to respond and use his presence to enact change.

“The Freddie Gray thing, it touched me because it happened a couple blocks away from me,” Anthony told VICE Sports. “We used to go up there, ride our bikes up there. I mean, I know these kids.”

In response to the death of Gray, Anthony went back to Baltimore and marched. He marched side by side with others in Baltimore who were demanding change in police brutality and justice for the death of Gray. According to Anthony, Baltimore, a lost and forgotten city, was waiting for that. They were waiting for it because “is happens so often” in the country that it was only a matter of time that police brutality would cost a black life in Baltimore.

Now, Anthony does not think that all police officers are bad. Instead, he acknowledges that there are good and bad police but it just takes that “1 out of 5” to create an environment of hostility and anger toward police.

The death was personal for Anthony, an Afro-Latino who could very well have found himself in that same situation.

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