Can Canelo Álvarez Overtake Julio César Chávez as Mexico’s Favorite Boxer?

Boxing is as much a battle of might in the ring as it is of wits outside the ring. And when it comes to Mexican fighters, none wear the belt quite as well as Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez. Here is why Canelo could take the throne from longtime favorite Julio César Chávez as Mexico’s top boxeador.

From Bullied to Bully

His freckles and red hair earned “Canelo” his nickname, but he wasn’t always proud of it. He was bullied for his unique look throughout his childhood. One day, Canelo swung back. He’s been a fighter ever since.

Toe-to-Toe with the World’s Greatest


Canelo and Chávez have had similar careers — an undefeated rise punctuated by a disappointing loss to a top-ranked fighter. The difference? Canelo fell to the hands of Floyd Mayweather Jr., but his stamina going 12 rounds was enough to make even the toughest of Mexicans tear up with pride. Chávez Sr. lost to Oscar de la Hoya twice. First after a large gash opened in his brow prompting a doctor to stop the fight in the fourth round, then in a an eight round rematch TKO.

Stands Up for Mexicans

Men Want to Be Him, Women Want to Date Him


Photo Credit: @marisolglzc

If a woman as beautiful and successful as former Miss Universe Marisol González thought Canelo was husband material, then he’s gotta be doing something right. The couple was engaged in 2011 and broke up a year later.

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Oscar De La Hoya Has His Back

Oscar De La Hoya promotes Canelo’s fights and mentors the ascending superstar, telling Fox Sports he has the potential to be the richest boxer in history.

Squeaky Clean

Numbers Don’t Lie