is Caso Cerrado real ? Episodes Or Are We Messing With Your Head?

is caso cerrado real ?If you’ve ever watched a few minutes of the TV court series “Caso Cerrado,” you know there’s always some wild s**t going down and you wonder: is caso cerrado real? The cases are so ridiculous that the judge, Dra. Ana María Polo, usually spends every episode alternating between a state of shock…

Credit: Telemundo

And yelling at the participants for being so damn weird/dumb/disrespectful.

Credit: Telemundo

And no matter how bizarre the episodes get, you’ll have a tough time convincing your parents (or grandparents) that it’s all scripted. “She’s a lawyer, it’s gotta be real,” is the familiar refrain. Well, just how crazy do the episodes get? How about you go through this list of episodes and see if you can distinguish between actual episodes and episodes that we made up?

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