Can You Guess How Much It Would Cost To Make Out With Ricky Martin?

On April 16, amfAR held its sixth annual amfAR Inspiration Gala in São Paulo, Brazil, aimed at raising money for HIV and AIDS research. The event brought in models, actors and other big names, but the most incredible moment from the night was Ricky Martin locking lips with one very generous donor.

Ana Paola Diniz is arguably the luckiest person in all of Brazil after winning an auction to kiss Ricky Martin’s sweet, sultry lips. And it only cost her $90,000.

Credit: Joe Diaz / YouTube

Diniz is a dog breeder who owns the world-renowned dog kennel Malabo APD. She was NOT SHY about getting down to business after her $90k bid was the confirmed winner.

ICYMI: Did you see how nervous Ricky Martin was before the kiss?

Credit: Joe Diaz / YouTube

Seems even the stars are nervous before that first kiss.

But dude really gave this lucky fan/donor her money’s worth.

Credit: Joe Diaz / YouTube

Perfect execution by a perfect man.

And we all got the big-eyed sign of relief that we’ve come to expect from Ricky.

Credit: Joe Diaz / YouTube

He’s okay, everybody!

His new boyfriend, Jwan Yosef, was one of the people who witnessed the smooch in person.

Credit: @thearmygroup / Twitter

One question, Ricky. What can someone get for $9 and an old cough drop? #AskingForMiAbuelita. Like, holding hands would totally suffice.

If we would have known that’s all it took for a Ricky Martin kiss, we would have been like this YEARS ago.

Credit: Glee / Fox / aweseomestuffyoucanbuy / Tumblr

Seriously. How many of us would have diligently saved up all of our allowance if we knew it could get us a kiss with Ricky Martin? ????????

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