Camila Cabello Shows Off Her Amazing Vocals And Guitar Skills In Drake/Rihanna Mash Up You Didn’t Know You Needed

Credit: camila cabello / YouTube

Camila Cabello has some mad skills, yo.

You may know Camila Cabello from the pop group Fifth Harmony, but this Cubana can definitely hold a tune all on her own as she plays guitar and captivates you with her sultry voice.

Listen to her cover of Rihanna’s “Work.” It may not make you dance like this…

Credit: RihannaVEVO / YouTube

But it’ll put you in the mood for this:

Credit: RihannaVEVO / YouTube

Want more? Cabello’s Instagram is filled with vids of her just playing around on her guitar and killing it. #CubanoPride

Bonus: She can also rap!

Credit: camila cabello / YouTube

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