Camila Cabello Tried To Go Unrecognized, But Her Disguise Turned Her Into The Meme Of The Week

This is how Camila Cabello and her friend Ashlee Juno wanted one night out at a concert without being recognized. In order to do so, the duo came up with some “clever” disguises and gave Twitter a field day.

Here is Camila Cabello and Ashlee Juno as their alter-egos Betsy and Alexis.

Where does one even get a wig like that?

And “Betsy” was feeling herself.

They even posted a video of the girls when they came up with their secret identities.

The video and photos sparked some serious friendship goals envy.

*wishes for better friends*

But, in true Twitter fashion, fans decided to have a little fun with the photos comparing her to things like ramen noodles.

It happens to the best. JT, we’re looking at you.

Wait? When did GloZell and Cabello become BFFs?

This is some breaking news right here.

This Cabello fan just couldn’t see past her David Bisbal disguise.

This. Is. Genius.

She was even compared to Brazilian singer Ovelha.

That retro glamor shot, though! ?

How many Latino celebs have this hairstyle?

Seriously. How many beloved singers and sports stars are rocking the ramen noodle do?

But this person won the contest by exposing that Cabello and Juno were really pulling off the greatest couple’s costume of ? all ? time. ?

Ohmaigawd! The similarities with Colombian soccer player Carlos Valderrama and his wife with Cabello and Juno is too on point.

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