Cain Velazquez Says He Got His Tattoo To Honor His Immigrant Father

Credit: Vice Sports/YouTube

He did it for his dad.

Cain Velasquez is just as known for his “Brown Pride” chest tattoo as he is for being a beast in the octagon (just ask Brock Lesnar). The MMA fighter has made no secret of being extremely proud of his Mexican heritage, and in a recent interview with Vice Sports, the former heavyweight champ went into the specifics for why he got it in the first place.

“To me, being a kid, I didn’t have those dreams as a professional athlete because I never saw a guy that was a big Mexican playing professional sports,” he says in the video. He’s not wrong. Outside of baseball and boxing, there aren’t really a lot of Mexicans/Mexican-Americans playing in the major sports leagues.

Beyond visibility, the biggest reason for the “Brown Pride” tattoo is Velasquez’s father and the sacrifices he’s made. “I’m proud that we’re known as hard workers,” he added. “It’s more so a tribute to my dad as far as all the stuff that he had to go through to get here to this country.”

This is by no means the first time that Velasquez has explained his tattoo, but it’s a nice reminder that you can be born in the United States and still feel strongly about your roots. Of course, if you’re a certain presidential candidate, that just makes you un-American.

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