No Time to Hesitate: Brazilian Teacher Hailed a Hero after Saving 58 Students


Eliene Almeida didn’t think twice when her husband rushed into her classroom to tell her to run.

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Credit: Ricardo Moraes / Reuters

Almeida was teaching in her village of Bento Rodrigues, Brazil when a dam burst and created a 65-foot wall of mud, giving them only a few minutes to escape. Almeida rushed 58 students out the door to safety within three minutes, saving their lives.

“He came in shouting that we had to run,” Almeida told Reuters. “Within three minutes everyone was out.”


Villagers had only 25 minutes to escape. The mudslide destroyed six villages, killed two and many more are still missing.

Get more details on how the mudslide started here.

Watch aerial footage of the disaster below:

Brazilian teacher saves 58 students after nearby dam burstBrazilian teacher saves 58 students after nearby dam burst

Posted by RYOT on Monday, November 9, 2015

Credit: RYOT / Facebook

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