Brazilian Skateboarder Letícia Bufoni Takes Insane Fall On Live Television


Fox Sports 1’s Street League is quickly becoming one of skateboarding’s biggest contests. And the level of competition it brings out is just as big. Case in point: Letícia Bufoni already had second place locked down, but she knew she’d have to throw down something gnarly to secure first place and the $30,000 payday. On her last attempt for the victory, the São Paulo native decided to chuck her body down one of the largest obstacles in the arena. Literally. As she hit the handrail, Leticia’s board slipped out from under her feet and she slammed to the ground, absorbing the impact with her face and neck. The previously rowdy USC’s Galen Center went silent.

Like a dazed boxer, Leticia tried to get up, but fell back to the ground as the medical team rushed to her side.


The cameras cut away from Letícia as the announcers told viewers they were going to take a break while the medical team attended to her. Though she was carried away on stretcher, Leticia’s slam was worse than her injuries. After a short observation, the 23-year-old pro was given the OK to leave the hospital. She even had time to snap a few sweet hospital bed photos (life goals), letting fans know she was OK, saying, “Just want to tell everyone I’m ok and say thanks for all the support and messages. I’m stoked on 2nd place on SLS it was all worth it!” Leticia walked away with second place, a decent payday, and a hell of a lot of respect from her peers.

Here’s what a $30K slam looks like.


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