Brazilian Soccer Player Records His First Steps After Plane Crash And Sends A Touching Message To His Fans

Estadão Esportes Redação / YouTube

“Thanks for the warmth and kindness.”

As Brazil and the fútbol community recover from the tragic Chapecoense plane crash that took the lives of 71 people near Medellín, Colombia, a few glimmers of hope are emerging. One of them is this recent video featuring Alan Ruschel, one of three Chapecoense players who survived the crash. The video shows Ruschel, who is recovering from his injuries, taking a few steps and giving a thumbs up to the camera. The 27-year-old then takes a moment to address fans in Brazil and people around the world who have shown their support. “Thanks for the strength you’ve given me through prayers. Thanks for the warmth and kindness. I just want to thank everyone,” says Ruschel.

Last week, Chapecoense were named champions of the Copa Sudamericana, the tournament they were scheduled to play in before the tragic accident.

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