Forget Lingerie Models and Rio’s Beaches…This is the BEST Thing to Come from Brazil

These bite-size balls of rapture are enough to make any Brazilian go weak in the knees.  Scroll through and see why for yourself. WARNING: Grab a napkin, you will be drooling two minutes from now.

First of all, it’s chocolate.

Credit: iStock

Mixed with butter.

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And condensed milk.

Covered in sprinkles!

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Did we mention CHOCOLATE?

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If you get fancy, they can be covered in coconut shavings.

Or chocolate shavings.

Or nuts.

Or stuffed with NUTELLA!

Some people go bonkers and put them on cakes…It’s happiness on happiness!

Credit: Brigadeirocaseiro / Instagram


But sometimes, you just want a classic.

In love yet?

Credit: @srtasobremesa / Instagram

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